Example 6 inch Index – Lancashire

This example image is the index from the Lancashire Ordnance Survey 6 inch first edition 1841 – 1853, it shows the coverage of the county by map sheet numbers, all maps from all areas of Lancashire are included on the cdrom



Ordnance Survey 6 inch first edition 1841 – 1853

This viewer is for website use only, the viewer of the cdroms use PDF reader or ERViewer

The DVD which the above index image comes, contains all of the first edition 6 inch maps of Lancashire. These maps are very important since they pre-date the 25 inch maps by about 40 years and were surveyed between 1841 and 1853. The images were scanned from maps held at Lancaster University Library with their kind help and permission. The maps measure 1m x 0.7m and are scanned at 300 dpi. in greyscale.

The maps are in two forms on the DVD. The first version presents the maps in sheet form as they were produced. This version is accessed by Adobe Acrobat via a graphical index. In the second version the maps have been stripped of their borders and joined together to form a single composite map of Lancashire 63 ft by 28 ft. You can zoom in to the smallest detail or out to see the whole county. Printing is possible from both versions.