Cheshire OS – 25inch 3rd Ed – 1904 – 1910

Ordnance Survey 25 inch third edition 1904 – 1910 Cheshire 25 New
Maps of Cheshire.

This CD was produced by Digital Archives for the Family History Society of Cheshire.  It was produced from maps that were donated to them by a local Tax Office and from the maps held by the Cheshire Record Office.  A few of the missing maps were supplied by local Libraries and Record Offices.

This CD contains images of the Ordnance Survey third edition 25-inch maps of Cheshire which were produced between 1904 and 1910.  The scale is 1 to 2500 or 25.344 inches to the mile.   These maps covered the whole of the built up and cultivated areas of Cheshire. They show almost every detail of the landscape at its true scale, including roads, which on most maps are exaggerated to make them stand out.  The maps do not show contours of the landscape but do show some spot heights. Enclosed areas of land show the acreage of the plot and a reference number.   This number is a reference to an entry in a record book, which gave a detailed description of the plot and its use. Unfortunately, very few of these books have survived.   These maps were used as a basis for valuation of property under the Finance Act (1909-10).

The maps, of which there are almost 800 in the Cheshire series, were scanned and have been reproduced at 300dpi giving a very detailed image  The maps are the equivalent of what is now A0 size measuring about 40ins by 30ins.  Most of the maps are in good condition considering that they are over a hundred years old, but a few are showing the wear and tear of time and some electronic cleaning has taken place.   Wherever possible, better copies were obtained when a map was in a poor condition.

There were three editions of these Maps.  The first was published between 1870 and 1875, the second 1896 to 1898 and the third 1904 to 1909.