Yates Map of Lancashire – 1786

Yates Map of Lancashire – 1786Yates_Map_of_Lan_4a3bd82e8a12e

Including maps of Lancashire by Saxton 1577, Mercator 1585, Ogilby 1675, and Bowen 1752

In an attempt to improve the state of mapping in Britain in the latter half of the eighteenth century, The Society of Arts offered £100 prizes for accurately surveyed county maps.  Yates Map of Lancashire was one of the maps that won the prize.  It is a beautiful map.  The illustration on the CD cover, shown above is one of the vignettes from the map.  The intention to produce an accurate map is demonstrated by a drawing in one of the blank areas of the map showing his triangulation of the county.

Also included on the CD are other important maps of Lancashire which demonstrate the advancement that the Yates map made to the mapping of that area.  Of particular note is the map by Christopher Saxton of 1577 which remained in use and was the source of data for other map makers for about 200 years. Also of interest are three sheets covering two routes from John Ogilby’s Britannia. These are transport maps of the routes from York to Chester and from York to Lancaster.