Example 25 Inch Map – Lancashire

Below is a sample from the second edition 1896 Ordnance Survey map for the Widnes area of Lancashire, this example map is sheet 115-9. This map is taken from the CD#3 of the Lancashire Ordnance Survey first edition 1888 – 1893, Maps covering the whole of Lancashire are available, there are 1400+ map sheets in total being split between 3 cdroms, South East, South West and North Lancashire being available on seperate cdroms, the maps on each cdrom are viewed using a PDF viewer



Lancashire Ordnance Survey first edition 1888 – 1893

This viewer is for website use only, the viewer of the cdroms use PDF reader or ERViewer

This map scale is 1 to 2500 or 25.344 inches to the mile. These maps covered the whole of the built up and cultivated areas of Lancashire. They show almost every detail of the landscape at its true scale, including roads, which on most maps are exaggerated to make them stand out. Individual trees in hedgerows and open fields are shown in their correct places, but woodlands, of course, are shown symbolically. The maps do not show contours of the landscape but do show some spot heights. Enclosed areas of land show the acreage of the plot and a reference number. This number is a reference to an entry in a record book, which gave a detailed description of the plot and its use. Unfortunately very few of these books have survived. These maps were used as a basis for valuation of property under the Finance Act (1909-10).