London OS – 25 inch 1st Ed – 1862 – 1872

Ordnance Survey 25 inch first edition  1862 – 1872
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This CD contains the Ordnance Survey first edition 25-inch maps of London which were produced between 1862 and 1872. The scale is 1 to 2500 or 25.344 inches to the mile. The maps show almost every detail of the landscape at its true scale, including roads, which on most maps are exaggerated to make them stand out. Individual trees in hedgerows and open fields are shown in their correct places, but woodlands, of course, are shown symbolically. The maps do not show contours of the landscape but do show some spot heights. Enclosed areas of land are marked with a number. This number is a reference to an entry in a record book, which gives a detailed description of the plot of land, its area and its use.

Most of the maps used to produce this CD were supplied and scanned by the National Library of Scotland with a few coming from other sources.  The maps are the imperial equivalent of what is now A0 size measuring about 40ins by 30ins. They have been reproduced at 300dpi. in  grey scale giving a very detailed image. Most of the maps were in good condition considering that they are almost a hundred and forty years old. A fe

w of the maps are showing the wear and tear of time and some electronic cleaning of the digital images has taken place.

The area covered is from Higham Hill in the north to Norwood in the south and from Chiswick in the west to Plumstead in the east.  The maps give a wonderful picture of London showing such fine detail as the positioning of the seats on the pathways in Regents Park and the flower bed arrangements in public areas and in the gardens of large houses.